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Business Consulting

– This includes services in the sphere of management, financial, economic, and investment activity, strategic planning, optimization of general business operations as well as some business processes.

OU QUADRO CENTER provides the following business consulting services:

  • consulting in financial statements preparation and audit, financial analysis of business operations, analysis of economic situation and forecasting, development of financial strategy (fundraising, business valuation, mergers and acquisitions, creation of value for shareholders),
  • investment consulting, professional recommendations to chief executives and investors for selecting the best possible investment scheme and most efficient way of using property,
  • legal advice: we shall offer you several options for future behaviors and give recommendations about the best one. Most customers could not even imagine that the solution to their problem, which earlier seemed complex, may be so simple and legal.
  • conducting market studies: regular search, collection, analysis, and provision of data and information, referring to the specific market situation the company is facing.

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